Toca Hair Salon 2 App Reviews

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This application is for children, so it has a removable


This game has so many features and the fact that it is free and really, any games from toca boca are very high quality


This is so boring... dont get


I was terrified by characters in this app, they are definitely not for kids eyes. The description of the game promises realistic hair and colors but its absurd.


I thought there was going to be showers and curling but there isnt


This a great app but can you get more tools, conditioner for hair, more colors, more people, more bows and hats and stuff, turn head feature, brush for shower, towel to wrap around head, and maybe change cloths


Ive wanted this for so long and since its the free app if the week I finally got and Im so happy

Try this game!!!!

Hi guys try this game it is the best because you get to do any hair style I did Megan trainor and a lion lol

Its really good

I like this app a lot! Its very entertaining and fun. It helps pass time. I have one suggestion though. Will you please make more stuff they can do with their hair? Like more hairstyles. They could have a place where they could pay. Yall could have little magazines they could read while they get their hair done. Please take my suggestion. I am a big fan of this app. Thanks.

Toca Boca opens a door

This app is great, much like most of Toca Bocas apps. I looked through some of the reviews before downloading, and I conclude their reviews come from a clientele that are not in this games target demographic: kids. The obscurity of the characters is a great feature, it lets kids ask questions and become curious rather than judgmental of people around them. The added features are a great novelty from the previous installment. As always, the no-add environment and logical layout is a user-friendly interface for their target patrons. Great job again, Toca Boca!

Awesome game but...

I luv this game but you should add more into it like makeup and nails and you should come up with new characters because it is really boring to play with the same character all over again one more thing is that maybe you could have prizes to unlock new tools and maybe little mini games that would be really fun.

Wish it was better!

This app could be a lot better because it is really terrible boring!!!!

Very fun, but...

I really like this game and Ive played it for awhile, but I really have an idea for this game to make it less boring. Maybe you guys could add a mode where you can get requests from customers on what they want their hair to look like, instead of getting bored making the same styles on the same people. Also maybe adding a few more characters would be good too! Thank you for making it free again!


The game is alright but I think it can use more characters and more equipment

Waste of time

I got this as a free app of the week. Spent 5 minutes playing it and promptly deleted it. Dont bother.

Sex noises

I was making dinner for kids when I started to hear moaning like sounds so I stirs into my husbands office thinking hes watching u know what but he wasnt in there and thats the only place we have a computer, then I noticed it was coming from my childs tablet and the where playing this app

Im not even a kid and I love it.

Playing with all the tools is great, but it gets a bit boring after a while. Add more tools, characters, hair colors, and accessories.

I love this!❤️❤️❤️

I love toca boca so much and this has been one of my favorites! I have an idea! Whenever the app is updated could you refresh the people selections so we can have more varieties of people to style hair with? That would be awesome!

Good but...

The game is really, really fun, but there should be a mode where, the costumer asks you what they want and you try and make it

Oh, come on!

I spent good money for this and all of sudden its now free?! Seriously Apple and Toca Boca, what the heck?! Its unfair to make games for free when theres people who bought it with their own money! What are you? Communists?! We paid for this game, now others are getting it for free?! How is this even fair?! The least you can do is get rid of this Free App Of The Week and give us our money back!

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