Toca Hair Salon 2 App Reviews

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Waist of time and money

This is so boring all you do is pick a character then fix its hair then Color it wash it put stuff on it and take picture this is so boring why did they even make it a app!!!!??? I made a mistake when I got this app!!


This is an awesome game and totally worth the money! You can do their hair AND accessories! I love this game and always have and I feel the same way about Toca Boca!


Before you buy this I need to tell anyone interested in buying this that..... Toca boca isnt just a fun word to say. It has a meaning. I was learning Spanish and then I found the word toca. I was ecstatic that there is a meaning behind it! But what I found out was disgusting. Toca means touches. Boca means mouth. What does this mean? Do they want the children of the future to touch their mouths? Why? I would like you to keep this in mind before buying this game.

Gets boring

I got it when It was the free app for the week, Which is good cuz it was kind of boring. But when you dont have internet its something

Good app

I recommend this app for anyone who enjoys other toca apps or who likes doing anything with hair. Its fun and easy to play with and far better than toca hair salon 1. But I oppose that it can get tiresome after a while. Other than that, it is an enjoyable app.

Hours of fun

Im well above the recommended age to play this game but I think I enjoy that much more. I was on a seven hour flight and about eighty percent of the time on the flight I was playing this game! This game is super dooper fun!

Im 16,why am I here?(plz read Im lonely)

Ur here playing this game because ur a no life person who acts like a freaking "celebrity hair designer" get a boyfriend, or better yet...A LIFE!


I was really liking this game. It allowed me to truly be an artist. I felt very powerful. I have one character the same haircut as a big body and it worked out fine. However, when I attempted to make a flow gods hair, it did not work. I am very ashamed of the Toca Boca cooperation in failing to allow the creation of so called "lechuga". The only word I can use is disgusted. Thats what I am right now. Step it up and allow the hockey flow.

Fun for 5 seconds


Such Wow Such Great

Im the rarer of thenwksjgeiwksjbs I have a memo in my bag that says pickle justice is for scrubs and you know squirrels will take over the world. HEY GUYS SCARCE HERE!

Kids love it

And the older ones secretly love it too.


I gave my iPod to my little cousin so she can play this app. I came back into the room to see what she was up to then, she was playing with the character with black hair and her eyes went white and her neck and head started moving and twisting, (you could move next to)while the sound of the objects were distorted and her facial features were cut that made her look like (look likes lender man)of and put to the end of the screen while my cousin was crying. She refuses to play the app again.

toca hair salon 3

ill give u five stars once u make toca hair salon 3 free thank u this is a great app but i dont have $3 to buy number 3 of the set please

Toca Fan

This doesnt deserve 5 stars… it deserves 10! Im too old for this "9-11" stuff, or so I thought. I played it on a friends tablet a few months back and LOVED IT! But I didnt want to pay and put it in the back of my mind. When I got it as free app of the week, I was so excited! I will DEFINITELY be buying the 3rd. These guys are a little creepy, but you get used to them. Kudos to you, Toca!


I have been waiting for this app to be free since 8th gr. I cant believe I ran into it, Im so lucky. I enjoy in actuality, cutting hair so I thought this game would be a fun app to play with and little did I know it really is so much fun!

Dont expect any updates

Pretty stupid that after paying for this game and waiting and waiting and waiting for updates, you guys just create an entirely different version and charge 3 bucks for it. I know it wont be worth it because Im sure you will just create a 4th app when your in for an update and charge for that too.

Some suggestions

I really like this game. Its really creative and fun, but it also gets boring at times. Maybe you could add more characters, and give them requests on how they want their hair to look. Overall, pretty nice game.

From the Merrell twins

Your are a swop some but I can u make some game that is free. I all way ask my mom on Christmas to download the game and my mom have to pay some money . And u rocks plz can u make your game free on Christmas Eve and Christmas plz this is my wish for Christmas . Love u guys a lot

Im 16, why am I here! (Pls read)

I am no where near the age of the targeted audience that was meant to play this game, yet I still do. It amusing to say the least. I like pretending that Im a famous celebrity hair stylist, when in reality Im just a sad highschooler with nothing better to do with their life. I cant tell you why I play this game , but I guess Ill leave on a happy note and tell you all to give it a shot!


Its very entertaining! The "monkey" looking character is a little creepy looking but whatever

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